The first "Tzarchania" (cooperative grocery store) in Eretz Yizrael

The first "Tzarchania" was established in the "Borochov Neighborhood by "The Consumers and Manufacturers Association". This association was the first of its kind and one of many formed later on throughout the country. Therefore, the development of this institute step by step, till it reached
impressive achievements, aroused great interest.

The initiative for the cooperative establishment was "HaMashbir" announcement of closing their local branch, which was causing huge losses. "HaMashbir" promised some help, but the burden fell on the members initiating this move.

In the beginning of 1928, the members decided to establish the association based on the condition that at least twenty members will join and each will invest five Palestine pounds (lira eretz-yisra'elit)
as share fees to create a capital fund.

In February 1928 a founding meeting took place, with the presence of 18 members, the regulations were confirmed and the management elected (S. Ben Zvi, M. Haklai and N. Haruvi).

An agreement with ""HaMashbir" was signed according to which the commercial relationship was established. HaMashbir invested a hundred Palestine pounds as a loan for the capital fund.

On 25.03.1928 the first cooperative grocery-store in the neighborhood and throughout the country was opened. The cooperative grocery-store started with twenty members and within 15 months reached 42 members. The "Tzarchania" has become very meaningful in the neighborhood life.
From a redemption of 165 Palestine pounds in the first month, it reached 350 Palestine pounds.

The issue of selling the produce occupies the "Tzarchania's" management. Natan Haruvi insists that this cooperative is a consumer's institute and not consumers and manufacturers institute. The guideline was phrased as follows: Increasing the produce within the neighborhood without the need to search for markets in the city or elsewhere. The conclusion was that using the cooperative is the best and safest method.
  1. The first "Tzarchania" (cooperative grocery store) in Eretz Yizrael
כפר יחזקאל
The first "Tzarchania"
כפר יחזקאל

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