After their Death - In their Memory Written by N. Zakay

Every morning, a man leaning on his cane, strolling down the streets of Givattayim, convincing the community elders to make ideas born in the still of the night, come to life. He moved to the Borochov neighborhood with extensive public activities in his record.
Although he has retired from public business he was still involved in the local business. The local institutes always asked him to take part in establishing a plant or running it. He watched the Borochov neighborhood experiencing significant growth and becoming an inseparable part of Givattayim. He, who understood the loneliness of his friends, came up with the idea of establishing a veterans' club for those who wanted a quiet place for a meeting, a game, reading or any other activity. He did some research on nursing homes in Israel, found the best one "The Shalva Retirement Center and Nursing Home". Besides his volunteering at The Shalva Retirement Center, he managed to receive from the municipality part of the budget required for building "Neve Horim". This was not enough for him. Being retired, he established a fund with part of his pension money. The purpose of this fund was student loans.
He serves as an arbitrator, instructor, advisor and much more. He developed a wide administrative system based on faith, energy and initiative. Just recently he had gone to help others and never came back. Last month he passed away. He was a Second Aliyah immigrant, well planned, gifted, a business man, who contributed a great deal to the residents.

May his memory be blessed!

To Hava the mother,

missing her husband, her friend for life
To the Haruvi family, missing the father, head of the family
Natan of blessed memory

I have heard so much about Natan but only lately did I get to meet him. Ever since I've come to know Natan, I was caught in him. At first I thought he was having dream visions but later on I realized that he was a man of action.

On that Thursday, he was getting ready for this trip, discussing his plans for "Neve Horim" with me. He envisioned the management of "Neve Horim" and it surprised me that a man of his age, had so much faith and energy. Still, he left and never came back. I miss this outstanding man who achieved so much and contributed to his fellow men. His special enterprises are a memorial to this unique man. Natan who made the vision come true. Natan, may he rest in peace Magnified be his name and perpetuated be his memory. With deepest sympathy, The Zakai family July 19th, 1963

Kfar Giladi - Tel Hai - Sept. 3rd, 1979

To Sara'le, Batsheva, Yosk'e and Yanka'le,
To you and to the whole family.

I do not know where to start. Maybe I should explain that I was sick and could not come,
I was simply unable to take this trip. So, as I was sick in bed, I was thinking to myself, remembering our childhood, the house without doors and windows, two fathers, two mothers, grandmother, the house on fire, the bakery oven, the bananas in the backyard, the house and your dear parents, so many years, the mulberry tree, the happy events and the weddings.
I also remembered coming thru the kitchen door and surprising your mother, who called me: Dita'le !
All my life I wrote to her, we were always so close even if we did not see each other lately.
I myself am a grandmother now, slowing down, got all these aches and pains. I was hoping that aunt Hava will close her eyes in her sleep, fully conscious.
I disappointed you, Sara'le, when I last saw her, I burst into tears and could not stop. She was the last one of our parents. I knew I would not get to see her again.
I regret not being there, when the whole family and neighbors of many years gathered together.
I just want you to know that I respect all of you for looking after her in her home, among her daughters, sons, sons in law and grandchildren. You wrapped her in your love until she closed her eyes. It's a great privilege for her and for you as well. You followed your heart and did everything for her as a matter of course.
I am writing to you without any reasonable order, just memories and pictures, one after the other.
Please forgive me for this.

Lay some flowers on her grave for me
Yours truely
נתו וחווה חרובי
נתן וחווה חרובי

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