Public Works Department By the end of 1920 and beginning of 1921, immigration to Israel (Aliyah) has grown significantly.

At that time, HaHistadrut was split to two parties - "Ahdut HaAvoda" party (Labour Unity) and "Hapoel Hatzair" (The Young Worker). These parties tried to get empllyement from the British government and this was the beginning of the pioneering work - the Tiberias-Tzemach road construction, The Tiberias-Tabha road, Haifa, Geva, Sarafend, Rosh Ha'Ain-Petach Tikva railway, Lod, Yavne and many more.

In 1920, Ahdut HaAvoda and Hapoel Hatzair cooperated to set up the "Histadrut" (The General Federation of Hebrew Workers) and following this, the Public Works Department (PWD) was founded in 1921.

לתמונה הגדולה ורשימת המשתתפים
הצעת נתן חרובי לבניית האוניברסיטה העברית בהר הצופים י-ם
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The United Office 1_4_1
Sent by Natan Haruvi to the center of public works and construction – Administration of the public works in Jerusalem 14.9.1925 1_4_5
Natan's suggestion to build an Hebrew University in Mount HaTzofim – 18.1.24 1_4_8
Invitation for Natan Haruvi to the Union of the jewish workers meeting - 13.12.1923 – 13.12.23 1_4_8b 1_4_8b
The answer to Natan Haruvi for his resignation request 1_4_9 1_4_9

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